DEED 3D is the largest platinum partner of  ” Stratasys ”  in Asia, with more than 17 years of leading 3D printing technology and services.

3D Printing Solutions: Robots and Drones

Inject innovation into your Robotics and Drone projects - DEED 3D printing solutions

“At DEED 3D, we use the latest in 3D printing technology to bring your robot and drone designs to life. Our printing technology can easily produce a variety of components for robots and drones, including frames, housings, sensor mounting points, and complex gears and linkages. To meet different design and performance requirements, we provide a variety of 3D printing technologies, such as Fused Filament Deposition Manufacturing (FDM), Multi-material Jet Printing (PolyJet), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), etc.”

In order to meet your special needs, we provide a variety of non-metallic printing materials, including but not limited to ABS, PLA, nylon and various composite materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics. These materials are not only strong, but also lightweight, making them ideal for drones and robots.

Large Stratasys FDM printer (F900s) prints drone wings

3D Printing Solutions for Drones and Robots

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There are many advantages to 3D printing parts for drones and robots. First, we can quickly produce precision parts to your exact design, shortening product development cycles and thereby accelerating your time to market. Secondly, 3D printing technology makes us no longer need complicated molds and tools in the design process, which greatly reduces the cost of prototyping and small batch production. Finally, 3D printing technology allows us to easily handle design changes and increase the flexibility of product iterations.

Are you curious about how 3D printing can be used to improve your drone and robotics projects? Our team of experts is ready to provide advice and guidance. Regardless of the size of your project, no matter how complex your design needs are, DEED 3D has the confidence to provide you with a satisfactory solution.