DEED 3D is the largest platinum partner of  ” Stratasys ”  in Asia, with more than 17 years of leading 3D printing technology and services.

Stratasys FDM Materials

// FDM printing materials - Industrial Thermoplastics

  • Use Stratasys tested and certified materials
  • Industrial-grade FDM printing technology, the choice of materials is no longer limited

For applications that require high precision, high strength toughness, and environmental stability, or require special properties/related certifications for the material itself, such as electrostatic dissipation, translucency, biocompatibility, V0 flame retardancy, FST food grade, etc., we Can meet your needs

If you don’t know what material to choose to print your 3D model, you can directly upload your drawings to us or contact us directly

Stratasys Industrial Thermoplastics - FDM Printing Materials

Standard plastics

Standard thermoplastics

  • Standard thermoplastics: ASA, ABS-30;
  • ABS can replace FDM desktop printers (PLA material), and the ABS-M30 we use will be stronger than the parts printed with standard ABS materials.
High performance plastics

High performance thermoplastics

  • High Performance Plastics: ULTEM™9085, ULTEM™ 1010, NYLON 12CF, Antero 800NA, Antero 840CN03,PC-FR(New)
  • High-performance plastic with superior temperature resistance, ultra-high hardness and strong chemical resistance
ESD materials

ESD(Electrostatic dissipative) Material

  • ESD Thermoplastics: ABS-ESD7, Nylon 12CF, Antero 840CN03
  • Catering to electrostatic-sensitive environments, our range of 3D printing anti-static materials ensures optimal performance in static control applications.
Aerospace Certified Materials

Aerospace Certified Materials

  • ESD plastic: ULTEM™9085, ULTEM™ 1010
  • Comply with aerospace performance testing requirements
Engineering plastics

Engineering thermoplastics

  • Engineering plastics: PC-ABS, PC, PC-ISO,
    Nylon 12;
  • Widely used in functional testing and manufacturing applications, engineering thermoplastics are favored for their superior mechanical properties in more demanding scenarios.
Biocompatible materials

Biocompatible materials

  • Biocompatible materials: ABS-M30i, PC-ISO, ULTEM™ 1010
  • It meets the testing requirements of ISO 10993 (biological evaluation of medical devices), USP Class VI (biocompatibility of plastics)
Food certified material

food certification material

  • Food certified material: ABS-M30i, ULTEM™ 1010
  • Meet NSF 51 food safety requirements.

DEED 3D uses an industrial grade FDM printer from Stratasys

  • FORTUS 380MC: 355*305*305
  • FORTUS 450MC: 406*355*406
  • FORTUS 900MC: 914*610*914

Quality-guaranteed thin-wall printing size: greater than 0.8mm