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Industrial-grade FDM Thermoplastic (Engineering thermoplastics)

Standard thermoplastics – Versatile material with broad applications

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polycarbonate + ABS material(PC-ABS)

Stratasys – Introduction to PA-ABS 3D Printing Materials

PC-ABS 3D printing materials   PC-ABS is a 3D printing material that fuses polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), combining the strength and thermal stability of PC with the processability of ABS. This makes PC-ABS ideal for applications that require both high performance and good processing characteristics.

The main purpose

  • Prototype manufacturing: Its superior mechanical properties and appearance make it especially suitable for prototype manufacturing of functional parts and complex assemblies.
  • Toolmaking: PC-ABS is an excellent choice when high strength and durability is required for jigs, jigs or molds.
  • End-Production Parts: In limited production runs, PC-ABS can be used to make long-lasting, high-strength end-product parts.

Brief description of material parameters

  • Color options: Black (this is currently the only color for DEED 3D)
  • Impact Strength (Unnotched – XZ Orientation):655 J/m (12.3 ft-lb/in)
  • HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature) @ 264 psi:102.9 °C (217.2 °F)


PC-ABS Material Datasheet

Polycarbonate (PC)

Stratasys – Introduction to PC 3D Printing Materials

PC FDM printing thermoplasticsPolycarbonate (PC) is a strong, high temperature resistant thermoplastic material. It offers excellent mechanical properties and clarity. In the field of 3D printing, PC is a material praised for its excellent mechanical properties, thermal stability and chemical resistance.

Application use:

  • Prototyping: Due to its high strength and heat resistance, PC is very suitable for the manufacture of functional prototypes.
  • Toolmaking: PC is ideal for jigs, jigs and molds that require a high degree of stability and durability.
  • PC engineering thermoplasticsEnd production parts: In short-run production, PC materials can create high-quality, long-lasting and high-performance parts.
  • Automotive and Aerospace Components: PC is often used in the manufacture of automotive and aerospace components that need to withstand high temperatures and pressures.

Brief description of material parameters

  • Color options: White, Black (this is currently the only color for DEED 3D)
  • Tensile Yield Strength: 60 MPa


PC  Material Datasheet

Biocompatible and Sterilizable PC (PC-ISO)

Stratasys – Introduction to PC-ISO 3D Printing Materials

PC-ISO biocompatible printing materialsPC-ISO is a biocompatible polycarbonate material that complies with ISO 10993 and USP Class VI standards. In addition, PC-ISO material can be sterilized by gamma radiation or ethylene oxide (EtO). These unique properties make PC-ISO particularly suitable for applications requiring biocompatible or sterilized 3D printed parts.

Application use:

  • Medical field: Considering its biocompatibility and sterilizable characteristics, PC-ISO is very suitable for the manufacture of medical devices or parts that come into contact with the human body.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: The material can be safely used in a pharmaceutical environment to manufacture tools or components for specific drug preparations.
  • Food-related industries: PC-ISO is an ideal choice in environments that need to be in contact with food or require rigorous cleaning and disinfection.

Brief description of material parameters

  • Material Type: Biocompatible Polycarbonate
  • Compliant with standards: ISO 10993 and USP Class VI
  • Sterilization method: Gamma radiation or ethylene oxide (EtO)
  • Tensile Strength: 57MPa
  • Heat Deflection Temperature* @66psi: 133℃


PC-ISO  Material Datasheet

FDM Nylon 12

Stratasys – Introduction to Nylon 12 3D Printing Materials

FDM Nylon12 3D Printing materialsFDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) Nylon 12 material combines the advantages of Nylon 12 with the design freedom and reliability of FDM 3D printing. Prototype faster and more economically than injection molding while using engineering thermoplastics widely used in the industry.

Application use:

  • Prototyping: By using the same material as production parts, with FDM Nylon 12, you can prototype faster while reducing costs.
  • Functional parts: The material’s strength, toughness, and excellent fatigue properties make it ideal for parts that require durability and stability, such as quick fits, tools with press fittings, and vibration-resistant components.
  • Engineering Applications: The reliability and durability of FDM Nylon 12 make it suitable for many engineering applications, especially those that require strength and durability.

Brief description of material parameters

  • Color options: Black (this is currently the only color for DEED 3D)
  • Elongation at break: 9.5%
  • lzod unnotched: 1,656 J/m


Nylon12  Material Datasheet