DEED 3D is the largest platinum partner of  ” Stratasys ”  in Asia, with more than 17 years of leading 3D printing technology and services.

Stratasys Polyjet Materials

//Polyjet printing materials - Support mixed printing of different materials

  • Full-color printing, more than 500+ thousand colors can be adjusted
  • Support mixed printing of different soft and hard resin materials

Stratasys PolyJet photopolymers offer a remarkable ability to replicate the appearance and tactile qualities of clear, flexible, and rigid materials, allowing you to 3D print parts that closely resemble your final product.

If you don’t know what material to choose to print your 3D model, you can directly upload your drawings to us or contact us directly

Stratasys Polyjet Materials - Resin Printing Materials

Rigid Opaque - polyjet 3d material

Rigid Opaque

  • Rigid Opaque: Vero®;
  • Stratasys’ Vero material combines outstanding detail visualization with strength, making it an essential component for producing realistic prototypes.
Rubber-like - soft resin printing material


  • Rubber-like:Agilus30 (Clear), TangoBlack+
  • Combine with rigid materials for a variety of Shore A values, from Shore A 27 to Shore A 95

special material

  • special material: Digital ABS Plus,
  • Simulates ABS plastics by combining strength with high temperature resistance


  • Transparent:Vero Clear
  • Perfect for conducting form and fit testing on transparent components such as glass, consumer products, eyewear, light covers, and cases.

biocompatible PolyJet material

  • Biocompatible materials: MED610
  • MED610 is a transparent, biocompatible PolyJet  material, approved for bodily contact.

DEED 3D uses an industrial grade Polyjet printer from Stratasys

  • OBJET 500 CONNEX3: 500*400*200mm
  • OBJET J750: 500*400*200mm

Quality-guaranteed thin-wall printing size: greater than 0.6mm