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On October of 2022, Boeing has announced Antero 800NA of Stratasys for

Fusion deposition modeling printing machines are passed the application certification.

Antero 800NA

Boeing is recognized as the most prominent company driving the development and application of 3D printing in the aerospace. It develops from the Interior parts to key parts of machinery space which make a great step. With this certification, aerospace researcher will be able to use high-temperature Antero materials to produce flight parts for their aerospace testing.


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Antero 800NA is a Pekk-based polymer, it can be printed in Fortus450mc and Fortus900 of Stratasys. After extensive evaluation of its performance, the material become as the “BMS8-444” specification added to Boeing’s list of eligible products. Now It has become a Boeing certified material, using in applications requiring high flame retardant, chemical resistance or fatigue  resistance.

Antero 800NA

Before the material certification pass by Boeing, NASA and Lockheed Martin have already used Antero 800NA to printed complex construction cabin door for “Orion”. With this latest development, Stratasys believes it opens the door to the new possibility of aerospace.

ScottSevcik, the vice President of Aerospace in Stratasys said” Boeing has realized that Antero can be satisfied a huge application which is 3D printing can not achieve before” “ Additive manufacturing has enormous advantage of simplify the original test and MRO of aerospace, certificated materials and performance is the basic request for challenge flight. Now we did.”

Antero 800NA

Antero 800NA


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