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ASA Thermoplastics: 3D Printed Cases for Long-Term Outdoor Use

Sample name: Outdoor air filter equipment
Prototype use: final product

In traditional manufacturing, many clients face a challenge when it comes to small custom order and high tooling costs: how to achieve a more efficient and cost-effective production?  We are happy to we used our 3D printing services, specifically using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology to help customer’s outdoor air filtration equipment order.

This client had spent a long time for looking for materials suitable for long-term outdoor usage. After many testing, they hadn’t found a solution until they learned about the high-performance characteristics of ASA, a standard thermoplastic material. Intrigued by its properties and upon our recommendation, they ordered a set of to test designed for anti-UV and strength

The results from the FDM 3D printing process not only met but exceeded their expectations, confirming that our choice of FDM material was indeed up to the task.

Encouraged by this success, the client promptly placed orders for two more sets for on-site installation and testing. The outcomes once again exceeded their expectations, further proving the reliability and robustness of FDM 3D printed products in real-world conditions.

The client was extremely satisfied with the 3D printing services provided by DEED 3D and confirmed that they would continue to collaborate with us for future product deliveries, ensuring each one meets the highest quality standard

Introduction to ASA Materials:

ASA has exceptional UV stability and the best aesthetics of any FDM thermoplastic.The sample will not be degraded and deformed due to long-term ultraviolet radiation. It is very suitable for structural and appearance testing of outdoor testing.

Available colors: Ivory, Black.

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