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Ultem 9085 - Audio and video recorder housing for passenger car

ultimate tensile strength


Flexural Strength

Heat Deflection Temperature



69 MPa

3.0 - 3.2

112 MPa

153 °C

NSF 51


Material Properties and Applications: ULTEM 9085 is an FDM thermoplastic that is ideal for aerospace, transportation, automotive, military applications, and other durable parts for end-use applications due to its aerospace approvals, FST rating, and high strength-to-weight ratio. ULTEM 9085 resin is also suitable for applications requiring good thermal and chemical resistance. Advanced applications include functional prototypes, manufacturing tooling, and low-volume high-value production parts.
Available Colors: Beige, Black.

passenger car audio and video recorder shell

Sample name: Audio And Video Recorder Housing For Passenger Car

Sample use: Test and Demonstration Prototypes

Case introduction:This project is a key R&D project of Hohhot Railway Bureau, aimed at solving current issues with data recording and ensuring safety in passenger carriages. The sample will be responsible for on-site functional performance testing, and as the equipment used in passenger carriages requires a high level of fire resistance, ULTEM 9085 material was chosen for its production. ULTEM 9085 has passed FST certification and mold resistance testing, and its fire resistance level reaches the V-0 level of the UL-94 test standard. It can fully meet the equipment prototype production requirements for railway, highway, aviation, and other application scenarios.

DEED 3D worked with Hohhot Railway Bureau to create a 3D printing solution to address these issues. The use of ULTEM 9085 material ensures that the sample meets the high fire resistance requirements of the railway industry, making it ideal for on-site functional performance testing. ULTEM 9085 has also passed FST certification and mold resistance testing, making it ideal for creating equipment prototypes for various applications.

In summary, the collaboration between Hohhot Railway Bureau and DEED 3D is a successful 3D printing case. The use of 3D printing technology can provide faster, cheaper, and more reliable manufacturing methods for the transportation industry, and also provide more possibilities for product design and innovation for various applications.