DEED 3D is the largest platinum partner of  ” Stratasys ”  in Asia, with more than 17 years of leading 3D printing technology and services.

Boeing’s Crew Space Transportation (CST)-100 Starliner spacecraft is being developed in collaboration with NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. The Starliner is a next-generation space capsule that will take people to and from low-Earth orbit. Based on the demand features of aerospace, we suggest to use our Stratasys high-performance material- ULTEM9085 to print the 3D printing chairs. Our parts can definitely pass a series of functional testing with (CST)-100 was landed successfully during flight test.



Stratasys ULTEM 9085 is one kind of thermoplastic for FDM 3D printing. In case of its aerospace certification, FST( flame, smoke and toxicity) rating and high strength-to-weight ratio, make it an excellent choice for the aerospace, transportation, car industry ,military application and other end use parts for durable accessories. ULTEM 9085 also suitable for high heat resistance and high chemical resistance requested applications. Advanced applications like functional model, manufactured tools and small quantities with large value parts manufacturing also supported.


Deed3D is the platinum partner of Stratasys in Asia Pacific and we have served over 2000 enterprises around the world with our professional knowledge. We offer FFF/PolyJet and more technologies to meet your needs with 50+ sets machines and 20+ materials.

From functional testing to end-use parts, Deed3D make things for you.

ULTEM 9085 Material 3D Printings

ULTEM 9085 Material 3D Printings

ULTEM 9085 Material 3D Printings



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