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Industrial-Grade FDM Technology Shaping Film Machine Protection

FDM printing case of engineering thermoplastic PC-ABSIn the field of cutting-edge film and television technology, a company urgently needed to design an enclosure protection for its newly developed digital cinema projector to ensure the integrity and excellent performance of the equipment. This requires a test machine to complete the overall installation and functional evaluation. This company turned to DEED 3D, who is specialized in provding 3D printing solutions for innobative projects.

Their requirements were:
· 72 hours continously running
· Structural tesing and assembly
· Drop test with the height of 1.5 meters
· Maintain 100℃ under an extreme condition

For traditional standard plastic materials, there are hard to find one to withstand the high temperature resistance. In this case, DEED3D fully considered the needs and had provided the best solution by used Stratasys’ industrial-grade material, PC-ABS, from FDM technology.

PC-ABS is a 3D printing material that fuses polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS). Crucially, it has a high heat deflection temperature of 125°C, which means the material retains its elasticity even under extreme thermal stress. Additionally, its exceptional strength, flexibility and impact resistance characteristics make it ideal for this project.

At last, the printing was not only met the requirements of assembly testing, but also successfully completed a comprehensive functional performance test. This dual advantages were accelerated the development process, as well as saved more than 3 weeks of time!

The technology and material selected above were industrial-grade from Stratasys FDM printing equipment.

Comparing to the desktop FDM printing tech, the biggest differences between them is:

  • Desktop printers cannot print large-scale models like industrial-grade printers.
  • In terms of materials, the choice of materials for desktop printers is limited, and it is not possible to choose from as many materials as industrial-grade printers.
  • In terms of printing details and texture, it is naturally not as good as industrial-grade FDM printers.who is specialized in provding 3D printing solutions for innobative projects.
  • Industrial grade equipment and materials can guarantee the precision of mass production, so that every model can maintain excellent performance

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