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PC-ABS : Customized internal cable clamps

Sample name: Customized internal harness clips
Prototype use: Production of small batches of customized products

In a complex and diverse production environment, striking a balance between high-quality and timely delivery can be a challenge. DEED 3D has successfully provided a solution for one such client need.

We work with a client who specializes in commercial cleaning equipment. Their product line is vast, often requiring specific customizations. One of our European client has ordered a batch of 100 internal cable clamps. Traditional molding techniques were not only cost-prohibitive but also failed to meet the client’s lead time.

After understanding the client’s unique specifications—these clamps needed to be stable in vibration-prone environments and also required a degree of flexibility—we recommended using FDM 3D printing with PC-ABS, an engineering thermoplastic known for its durability and resilience. Utilizing Fused Deposition Modeling technology, the DEED 3D team successfully printed and delivered all units in 3 days, ensuring no delays in the client’s production schedule.

This exceptional efficiency and keen understanding of client needs have led this European client to place four successive orders for different cable clamps with DEED 3D, solidifying our reputation as a reliable provider of 3D printing services.

Introduction to PC-ABS Materials:

PC-ABS is one of the most widely used industrial thermoplastics. PC-ABS offers the best of both worlds, the excellent strength and heat resistance of PC and the flexibility of ABS. PC-ABS is commonly used in automotive, electronics, machinery and other applications.

Available Colors: Black

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