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The Secret of PolyJet Vero: A Multifunctional Material

polyjet multi color 3d printing material


3D printing technology has changed our manufacture and creatation. Among the 3D printing materials available, PolyJet Vero stands out as a game-changer. Vero’s multi-color photopolymers provide a remarkable platform to 3D print highly detailed, accurate prototypes for comprehensive testing of fit, form, and function. It combines the imperative qualities of excellent detail visualization and strength, making it a crucial component in crafting realistic prototypes.

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polyjet vero white material
Verois match of 3D printing requirements, ranging from the production of smooth and precise prototypes, moving and assembled parts, jigs, fixtures, and manufacturing tooling. Its vast range of applications underscores its versatility and practicality in the 3D printing realm.
One of the distinguishing features of Vero is its multi-color, multi-purpose photopolymers. Available in a range of colors, including blue, white, black, gray, cyan, magenta, and yellow, these photopolymers lend strength, stiffness, and versatility to 3D printed objects. The smooth and accurate parts produced are ideal for testing, surgical planning, and tooling. Moreover, Vero can be blended with other photopolymers to vary hardness, flexibility, translucency, or heat resistance, adding to its multifaceted usability.










White, Black

0.016 mm (White)

0.03 mm (Black)

Visual models, high-accuracy test fits, low-volume production units

20-30 J/m


75-110 MPa

60-70 MPa

"Stratasys - polyjet J750s" Technical specifications

Maximum part dimensions

Selection of color

Highest accuracy

Minimum layer thickness

Additional Services

500*400*200 mm

500+ Thousand Colors Available

0.02~0.05 mm

0.014 mm

0.6 mm

While Vero is rigid and offers phenomenal detail, its nature is more akin to acrylic than to ABS, PC, polypropylene, or polyamide. This unique characteristic makes it most suitable for rapid prototyping, low-load functional testing, RTV molding patterns, and model creation. Furthermore, the material is available in multiple opaque colors and can be blended with other PolyJet materials to achieve specific levels of toughness, rigidity, or translucency.
The high resolution of Vero is another significant feature. With a 16-micron resolution, Vero ensures that prototypes are highly accurate and perfect for visual models. The vibrancy of the material comes into play, especially if the models require painting.

Vero employs the cutting-edge PolyJet 3D printing technology, using a photopolymer resin that is cured with UV light. This printing method stands in stark contrast to the traditional methods that involve heating plastics or using a laser, which can often result in warpage or shrinkage of larger parts.

PolyJet multi color selection reference table
PolyJet multi color selection reference table