DEED 3D is the largest platinum partner of  ” Stratasys ”  in Asia, with more than 17 years of leading 3D printing technology and services.

Polyjet 3D printing service

  • High Precision: 0.02~0.05mm
  • 500+ Thousand Colors Available
  • Restoring Surface Details Perfectly & Smoothly
  • Rigid and Flexible,Transparent, and Rubber-Like Resin
  • What is Polyjet Printing?

    PolyJet 3D Printing offers one of the most advanced industrial 3D printing solutions. DEED 3D’s PolyJet technology is capable of creating smooth surfaces, thin walls and complex geometries with extremely high tolerances of 0.1mm. Technologies that support multiple material choices, can simulate rubber materials of different durometers, multi-color 3D printing, transparent or translucent parts, and simulate overmolding.

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    POLYJET print

    Polyjet 3D Printing Materials

    Below is a list of resin materials offered by DEED 3D. Other materials are available upon request. Not sure what you need? Talk to DEED 3D now!




    Ultimate Tensile Strength / Mpa

    Elongation at Break

    IZOD Notch Impact J/m

    Bending Strength / Mpa

    Heat Deflection Temperature / °C

    Rigid Opaque

    Vero Pure White, Vero Black Plus, Vero White Plus, Vero Yellow, Vero Cyan, Vero Magenta, Vero Blue

    • Brilliant color options for unprecedented design freedom
    • Combine with rubber-like materials for overmolding, soft touch handles, and more
    • Ideal for fit and form testing, moving and assembled parts, sales, marketing and exhibition models, assembly of electronic components, and silicone molding







    Vero Clear

    • Print clear, tinted, and prototype parts with VeroClearTM and RGD720
    • Combine with color materials for stunning transparent shades
    • Ideal for form and fit testing of see-through parts like glass, consumer products, eyewear, light covers and cases, visualization of liquid flow, medical applications, artistic and exhibition modeling






    Simulated Polypropylene

    Rigur (White)

    • Simulates the appearance and functionality of polypropylene
    • Ideal for prototyping containers and packaging, flexible snap-fit applications and living hinges, toys, battery cases, laboratory equipment, loudspeakers and automotive components







    Agilus30 (Clear), TangoBlack+

    • Offers various levels of elastomer characteristics
    • Combine with rigid materials for a variety of Shore A values, from Shore A 27 to Shore A 95
    • Ideal for rubber surrounds and overmolding, soft-touch coatings and nonslip surfaces, knobs, grips, pulls, handles, gaskets, seals, hoses, footwear, exhibition, and communication models






    Simulated ABS

    Digital ABS Plus (Ivory)

    • Simulates ABS plastics by combining strength with high temperature resistance
    • Enhance dimensional stability for thin-walled parts with Digital ABS PlusTM
    • Ideal for functional prototypes, snap-fit parts for high or low temperature usage, electrical parts, castings, mobile telephone casings, engine parts, and covers






    Digital Materials

    Predetermined blends of the above materials

    • Wide range of flexibility, from Shore A 27 to Shore A 95
    • Rigid materials ranging from simulated standard plastics to the toughness & temperature resistance of Digital ABS Plus TM
    • Vibrant colors in rigid or flexible materials, with over 500,000 colors options on the Stratasys J750
    • Available on PolyJet multi-jetting 3D printers






    Benefits of Polyjet printing

    The advantages of PolyJet printing technology include high precision, multi-material printing, fast printing speed, high surface quality, simulating multiple materials and realizing multiple colors, etc. These advantages make PolyJet printing technology suitable for manufacturing high-quality, complex parts and meeting different requirements. industry needs.

    • High precision and high resolution: PolyJet printing technology can achieve very high precision and resolution, usually can achieve the precision below 0.1mm and the resolution below 16um, can print very delicate, smooth surface and complex geometry.
    • Multi-material printing: PolyJet printing technology can use multiple materials to print complex parts at the same time. These materials can have different hardness, elasticity, transparency, heat resistance and other characteristics to meet different application requirements.
    • Fast printing speed: The printing speed of PolyJet printing technology is relatively fast, and high-quality parts can usually be printed within a few hours, which can quickly meet user needs.
    • High surface quality: PolyJet printing technology can print a very smooth surface, reducing the need for subsequent processing, saving manufacturing costs and time.
    • Simulate multiple materials: PolyJet printing technology can simulate the appearance and properties of multiple materials within a single part, reducing manufacturing costs and time.
    • A variety of colors can be achieved: PolyJet printing technology can print parts in a variety of colors, which can provide more possibilities for the appearance of the product.

    Polyjet General Tolerances

    DEED 3D use industrial polyjet 3D printing equipment of Stratasys brand.

    Tolerance Note


    Selection of color

    500+ Thousand Colors Available

    Build Size

    500*400*200 mm

    Highest accuracy

    0.02~0.05 mm

    Minimum layer thickness

    0.014 mm

    Additional Services

    0.6 mm

    Other 3D printing services

    We use a large FDM printer from Stratasys, which can print up to 914MM. It can be printed with a variety of materials, such as ABS, high-performance materials, PEI materials and so on
    SLS & MJF Printing

    Nylon powder printing: dyeing, low cost, no support material, short turnaround time, basically no post-printing processing. The fastest delivery time is 2 days.

    The post-processing techniques we use: Support structure removal, Sanding and polishing, Painting and finishing, Assembly, Quality inspection