DEED 3D is the largest platinum partner of  ” Stratasys ”  in Asia, with more than 17 years of leading 3D printing technology and services.

SLS & MJF 3D Printing Service

  • Most Cost-effective Technologies
  • Strong and Durable for Functional Prototypes
  • Restore Complex Geometries And Details Prefectly
  • High Accuracy & Resolution in Fast Printing Speeds
  • MJF vs SLS

    MJF and SLS technologies were developed by different companies, but they are both based on powder bed fusion 3D printing technology.

    These two technologies have high precision, complexity, multi-material printing, internal cavity, and support structure functions, which are very suitable for producing small batches of high-precision products. Although they have differences in printing speed, accuracy, and applicability, they are both high-quality 3D printing technologies that can meet the needs of different industries.

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    SLS & MJF - 3D Printing Parts And Examples​

    SLS & MJF 3D Printing Materials

    Below is a list of Nylon powder materials offered by DEED 3D. Other materials are available upon request. Not sure what you need? Talk to DEED 3D now!

    Material Name


    Other Common Names

    Ultimate Elongation(MPA)

    Elongation at Break (%)

    Bending Strength/Mpa


    PA12 GB


    High hardness material

    30 MPA

    10 %





    High hardness material

    48 MPA

    20 %





    High hardness material


    50 %



    Other 3D printing services

    We use a large FDM printer from Stratasys, which can print up to 914MM. It can be printed with a variety of materials, such as ABS, high-performance materials, PEI materials and so on

    We use million-class Stratasys J750s color 3D printer equipment – high resolution, high quality printing. Support flexible resin and rigid resin composite printing and color resin printing. The fastest delivery can be completed in 1 day.

    The post-processing techniques we use: Support structure removal, Sanding and polishing, Painting and finishing, Assembly, Quality inspection