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Ultem 9085 - Strong Electrical Connector

ultimate tensile strength


Flexural Strength

Heat Deflection Temperature



69 MPa

3.0 - 3.2

112 MPa

153 °C

NSF 51


Material Properties and Applications: ULTEM 9085 is a thermoplastic used in FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology. It is particularly well-suited for aerospace, transportation, automotive, military, and other applications that require durable parts. This is because ULTEM 9085 has aerospace certification, a high strength-to-weight ratio, and a high FST (Flame, Smoke, and Toxicity) rating. Additionally, it offers good thermal and chemical resistance.

ULTEM 9085 resin is commonly used in various applications, including functional prototypes, manufacturing tooling, and low-volume high-value production parts. It is available in two colors: beige and black.

Sample name: Strong electrical connector

Sample use: Structural and functional testing

Case introduction: As a leading provider of 3D printing servicesDEED 3D was able to help Jiangxi Hangtong Electronics overcome the difficult challenges they faced in the design and production of their high-power connectors. Utilizing advanced FDM printing technology and top-quality ULTEM 9085 material, DEED 3D was able to create samples that met the demanding technical requirements of the project.

The ULTEM 9085 material used by DEED 3D is a top-performing engineering plastic that boasts exceptional mechanical properties, high-temperature resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and more. This high-strength material is ideally suited for a wide range of high-end applications.

By leveraging FDM printing technology, DEED 3D was able to create complex geometries and intricate designs with ease, providing Jiangxi Hangtong Electronics with the highly accurate and precise samples they needed to secure the order from Huawei. Overall, DEED 3D’s expertise in 3D printing services and advanced materials played a crucial role in helping Jiangxi Hangtong Electronics achieve success in their project.